Knitting: Cropped Boatneck Sweater Finished!

Ok, so I’m not suuuuper  thrilled with the result on this one. It’s cute and was easy to knit, but she definitely be cropped. Yowza.



I did fiddle with the pattern a bit, using smaller needles to make the knit tighter and subtracting some stitches at the waist so it wouldn’t be baggy. But now I’m wishing I would have added about 3 inches in length, then it would be perfect. *Grumbles.*


But this is the first big thing I’ve knitted and haven’t screwed anything up, so that is exciting. Well, I did sew the pieces together wrong the first time, but I do that every time. Doesn’t count.


There is no chance of wearing this without something longer underneath. I can do that, or unravel the bottom of the front and back and add a few inches of length. That sounds like a lot of work.

Here’s a link to the Ravelry pattern (free!) and here’s a link to my version of it, with notes.

See you on Friday!


4 thoughts on “Knitting: Cropped Boatneck Sweater Finished!

  1. that looks so good on you! cropped is a cool look right now, don't be afraid!!!! you are so gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful!If you did want to add a couple of inches to it, maybe try picking up stitches along the bottom and then adding a lacy kind of border. You'd just have to be clever about making it something that will fit with the ribbing (which is totally doable) and I'd do a practice run first. That way, if you don't like it, just undo it, and the original will be unsullied.However I wouldn't bother, as it looks gorgeous!

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