Photo Friday: Ring Around the Moon and Possible Aliens

I’ve been going through the pictures on my camera’s memory card and I keep finding pictures I forgot to post. Like these, taken on October 7. Oy vey.

There was a ring around the moon that night.


And the moon itself was very bright with a haze around it.


When I went to take a second close-up, I saw something fly across the moon. Luckily I was able to get it in the frame.


No doubt about it. Aliens. DEFINITIVE PROOF! The first person that tells me it’s just a bird gets smacked with my tinfoil hat.

See you after the weekend!


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Ring Around the Moon and Possible Aliens

  1. Speaking of aliens, while walking my dog on the night of the October full moon, I found a stray kitten. After taking my dog home, I returned to try to rescue the kitten from becoming the next meal of the foxes or coyotes. What an endeavor that turned out to be. Long story short, with the help of neighbors the kitty was rescued and has been adopted by one of my neighbors. Alien kitty apparently had a sibling as the next day another neighbor said they also found a stray kitten and adopted it. This is a tale of two kitties…or aliens. oooooeeeeeooooo.

    1. Yes, what an excellent ploy. No one would ever expect aliens to be disguised as adorable kittens. And the one I found is exceptionally adorable.

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