Knitting Away: A Shoulderette from 1953 and a Boatneck Sweater

This time of year is always a weird transition period for me. I never realize how much time I spend outside in the warm months until it’s ass-cold outside and I’m huddled up in the house wearing flannel shirts and thinking about waffles. It’s not super cold yet, but the weather did seem to go from ‘Pleasant’ to ‘Say Goodbye to 40 Degrees’ in about 3 days.

The leaves are down, the tamaracks are yellow and are going to lose their needles soon, and it’s been snowing on and off for over a week. This time of year the only way to pry me out of the house (other than unseasonably warm weather) is to deal with the firewood. It’s all about the firewood right now, throwing it down and stacking it in the basement. When the weather cooperates (as in, not snowing) I’m usually outside in the afternoons, filling up the wheelbarrow with wood to take to the basement. At this point I should have arms of steel, and am a bit miffed that my arms are more like a bingo playing grandma’s.

Being inside more does have its perks. During the fall and winter more projects around the house are finished, and I get mah craft on more often. I started this shoulderette in August (Ravelry pattern here) and it sat there untouched for over a month before I picked it back again.


It’s a short sleeve shoulderette – the pattern was originally published in 1953. It doesn’t look like much in the photo. When the body of it is finished I’ll sew the sides together to make sleeves, and hopefully then it will look less like a scarf. I started knitting it with some acrylic yarn that I fished out of a clearance bin at Walmart. Lo and behold, I ran out of yarn with only about 6 inches left to knit. OF COURSE. The store doesn’t carry it anymore (also OF COURSE) and I had to order it online, at about 4 times the price I paid for the first skein. OF COURSE.

While I was waiting for the yarn to get here, I started on the boatneck sweater. (Ravelry pattern.)

The main reason I started on another project is because I like to watch TV while I knit. It’s a mindless thing, watch something and keep your hands busy. My show of choice lately has been ‘Lark Rise to Candleford.’  I have gotten way too involved in the show and had to keep watching, hence the sweater.

Within the week I should get the shoulderette finished, and then I can show you what it looks like with the sleeves sewn up.

And that’s what I’ve been up to lately – I’ve been buried in yarn. What has everyone else been up to?

See you later!