How to Arrange a Closet Like a Control Freak

Cleaning and arranging a closet soothes me. Now that I’m on the topic, that should be a thing: Therapeutic Closet Cleaning. Like primal screaming, but for neat freaks. Anyway, knowing how to arrange a closet like a control freak is not a bad thing.

Anyway, my anal-retentive attention to detail tidiness is most apparent in the way I arrange everything. It sounds weird, but there’s no point (no POINT, I say!) in cleaning a closet if everything is going to get put back in all willy-nilly.

Order shall be imposed.

I don’t have a dresser, and hate folding things, so nearly everything in the closet is hung up. I like to try and use every inch of space. Belts are hung flat against the wall on racks from the dollar store. My fur collar is back there as well to keep it from getting damaged.

I also put a hanging shoe organizer against the wall – instead of shoes, it holds handkerchiefs, sunglasses, gloves, and other small items. Clothes can be hung right in front of it. There are also Command hooks on the wall for hats. Command hooks are the bee’s knees.

Pajamas and Doing-Manual-Labor-Around-the-House clothes are folded into fabric bins.

And sleepy dogs are sleepy.

When it comes time to actually put the clothes back in, I set out a box for donations and check everything over to make sure nothing needs to be mended. Anything I haven’t worn in a long time and cannot see myself wearing in the future (BE HONEST) gets donated.

And then…the fun part! Everything gets put back in. And here’s my system: Light to dark, patterns before solids. For shirts it’s the same, and it also goes by sleeveless, then short sleeves, then long sleeves.

I KNOW, stop looking at me like that. But the order is magnificent.

Scarves are hung on a hanger in the front because I have no frigging idea where else I should put them. I am at a loss on this one.

Tights, double-sided tape, extra shoe insoles, and other assorted stuff is in a suitcase, which is slid right underneath the dresses. My luggage fits underneath the skirts, and all my unmentionables fit in a rolling drawer-thingy that fits under my jeans.

I keep the shoes off the floor by putting them on racks near the ceiling. Everything in its place, bitches.

And that’s how a control freak arranges a closet. Bam.

See you later!