The Fall Color Report 2013

As I sit here in the kitchen this morning looking out the window, it’s snowing. As in…snow. Yeep. It’s not sticking to anything (yet) other than the car and the fence, but holy moly. How depressing.

Because the weather is crappy and cold, I thought I’d finally put together all the pictures of the autumn trees for this year.


The dog greatly enjoyed all the leaves.

It was not the best year for color, about half the trees had already turned while the other half were still green.




Not that I’m complaining.

Leaves flying through the air is probably one of my favorite things about fall.




Now the vast majority of the leaves are down and the tamaracks are changing color. The geese are flying south and I AM NOT READY FOR THIS.

I refuse to let go of warm weather. I’ll let you know how that works out.

See you later!


2 thoughts on “The Fall Color Report 2013

  1. The trees have started changing here, also. I love fall color. It's turned too cool too fast, though. In the 40s at night and not warm enough during the day to open the windows. We went from too hot to too cool. I want some in between temps before winter arrives.

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