How to Clean a Closet Like a Neat Freak

I’ll be honest here. I am a complete looky-loo when it comes to other people’s closets. You know how some people dig through medicine cabinets? Well, okay, I do that too, but closets are my thing. It’s not that I sneak into people’s bedrooms and dig through their closets, that would be too weird. Even for me. But…if I’m invited in and happen to get a look at it….bliss

And then there are web sites like Closet Visit. Heaven. Is this closet porn? Is that what I’m trying to say? I think it is. I like closet porn and I WILL NOT BE ASHAMED.

Because I spend, frankly, an inordinate amount of time looking at other people’s closets, I thought I should post something about my own. Cleaning it seemed the thing to talk about, as closet cleaning is my idea of zen and peace, and my closet is my happy place. I’m roughly 99.8% sure that everyone has their own method of closet cleaning. Like ‘never,’ or ‘with a toothbrush.’ I fall somewhere in the middle – everything is kept tidy, but actual deep cleaning only happens once in awhile.

Last week (or the week before? Pre-haircut, anyway!) the closet was cleanedeverything taken out, the closet cleaned, and then everything was sorted before it was put back in.

The Enemy:

Armed with coffee, obviously.  And a duster.

To achieve clean closet nirvana, first everything was taken out. And right off the bat I didn’t listen to my own advice, I left the stuff on the shelves alone. They’re already clean (lined with shelf liner) and organized (because that’s how I roll) so I let them be. 

Oh dear. 

And for the love of all that is holy, if you are cleaning your own closet, please do not put clean clothes on the floor. That makes me insane. Put them on a clean surface, or I will find you and smack you with that fedora I never wear.

Once everything was out, all the corners were dusted, then the walls and the light fixtures. The big mirror was given a scrub as well. Also, I was rockin’ that pashmina I forgot I had. Closet cleaning essentials, yo. 

I didn’t have dust bunnies. I had dust hyenas, moving in packs and ready to attack. 

I dusted the baseboards. I don’t know either.

The floor was vacuumed and mopped. Try not to be jealous of my pink vacuum cleaner, I know it’s breathtaking.

And that was that! The dog inspected it, and apparently it passed inspection. 

The hard part was putting everything back in, which I will talk about at another time. But there you have it, how a semi-neat freak cleans a closet. Go forth and Swiffer.

See you later for Photo Friday!