Photo Friday: Bald Eagle Courtship Flight

I took these pictures…last week? The week before? Something like that. There are a bunch of photos I’ve been meaning to share but time has been getting away from me lately. (If only I had a fainting couch to collapse upon after that last sentence.)

I was so excited to see this, it’s something I’ve only seen once before.

The bald eagle courtship flight.

Don’t get too excited, these pictures are total crap.  But I stepped out the door to take the dog for a walk and saw two eagles circling each other in the air, ran back inside and got the camera, and managed to get a few pictures.


c9177-img_6434They circle and swoop and dive so fast that it’s really difficult to zoom in on them fast enough to get a good picture. A tripod would have been an immense help, but I didn’t want to miss anything by going back into the house to grab one.


This is the only picture I got of them close together, and it’s blurry. Of course.


They started out right over the house, then moved away a bit. I walked to the end of our street and saw them, talons locked, freefalling through the air. No pictures, because it is so fast there’s just no time unless you’re already set up with your finger on the shutter.


See you later!