Gooey and Garlicky Spinach Grilled Cheese

Up until last month I was a Netflix member – just getting the DVDs in the mail, no streaming. Because this is 2004. I cancelled our membership because we just weren’t watching the movies, and signed up for Amazon Prime instead. It’s a bit cheaper than Netflix and I am nothing if not frugal. Streaming stuff! Through the Wii! Excitement!

(I don’t have cable. Or satellite. We get 3 channels, so this was a big exciting moment.)

And then I discovered that Amazon has Food Network shows. Oh my. Every morning when I’m pedaling my ass on the exercise bike, I watch shows where people make fattening foods. That sentence probably explains everything there is to know about me.

Then these sandwiches happened. I was watching ‘Giada at Home’ and she made spinach and pancetta grilled cheese sandwiches, oozing with butter and cheese.

Now you know I can’t leave anything alone, so of course I messed with the recipe. I’m not a huge fan of butter, and replaced most of it with Laughing Cow cheese. Generally I don’t like processed Frankenfood, but I do like me some garlic and herb Laughing Cow on crackers.

I was going to put bacon on the sandwiches instead of pancetta, but totally forgot about it. They are so good without the bacon that I don’t even miss it.

Butter and 3 different types of cheese. Yum. A handful of spinach makes this health food, right?


This amazing green goop is spread between two slices of bread and grilled to perfection.

The spinach flavor isn’t even noticeable. And they were so tasty I made them for dinner two nights in a row. Yowza.

Gooey and Garlicky Spinach Grilled Cheese

Adapted from this recipe by Giada De Laurentiis

2 wedges garlic and herb Laughing Cow cheese, at room temperature

1 tablespoon unsalted butter, at room temperature

1/4 cup firmly packed cheddar cheese, grated

1/4 cup firmly packed Muenster cheese, grated

1 large handful fresh spinach leaves

Dump everything into a food processor and pulse just until well mixed. Spread 2 tablespoons between slices of bread and grill like you would a regular grilled cheese. This makes 5 or 6 sandwiches if using french bread, on regular white bread it would probably make 3 or 4 sandwiches.

See you later!