DIY Dresser Drawer to Storage Bin

I had no intention of bringing you a DIY dresser drawer storage bin today. No, I wanted to talk about the figs.

There were fresh figs at the grocery store on Saturday which was SO EXCITING because I have never seen fresh figs in my life before. Of course, once they were sitting on my counter, I realized I wouldn’t know what to do with a fresh fig if it bit me in the armpit. I decided to make a fig and cherry crisp (which sounds amazing), but discovered that unless they are in Newton form, figs are no bueno. In my opinion, anyway.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that instead of a recipe for cherry-and-fig crisp, I bring you this!

There’s an old dresser that’s been sitting around the house, taking up space, and I’ve slowly been futzing with it. Because I hate to throw anything away.

This was an easy and fairly quick project. (Never mind that it took me 3 months. I procrastinate.) The dresser drawer was laminate instead of solid wood, so the first step was to prime it with a coat of oil-based primer. Then I painted it with a few coats of white paint and put new knobs on the front.


I bought table legs at the hardware store and spray painted them aqua blue. I also picked up the bracket-thingies (T-plates, apparently) needed to attach the legs to the drawer.

See! There are the bracket-thingies!

The last bit of work was my husband’s job. The drawer bottom was too thin to attach the brackets to, they would have poked right through. He put a piece of 1-inch lumber on both sides of the underside of the drawer and attached the brackets to that instead.

And that was it!

Right now it’s holding extra blankets at the foot of the bed. I imagine once the dog runs into it a few times I’ll have to move it somewhere else, but for right now it looks purty.

This project was inspired by something similar that I saw on Pinterest. It is lovely to find so many other people that hoard old dressers and refuse to get rid of them. They’re my tribe.

See you later!


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  1. Fresh figs are for eating just the way they are. Delicious!**The opinions expressed here may not necessarily be shared by you.

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