Hobby Lobby, Pumpkins, and Wasp Nests

Well hello. It’s Monday. I can’t do anything about that, unfortunately, and am beginning to seriously wonder why The Powers That Be don’t switch the work week to 4 ten-hour days. Three day weekends FOR ALL!!!


We’re still working on the house, and that’s been taking up the lion’s share of attention around here lately. A short getaway was needed, and we took one. Saturday involved a 2-hour drive, fried dill pickles, and Hobby Lobby. It was great to just get away for a bit, plus HOBBY LOBBY. I like that store just a smidge. I spent 15 minutes picking out colored pencils and it was glorious.

It was chilly on Saturday and just got colder, and therefore the First Fire of Fall was lit. We’ve been running the gas furnace when needed in the mornings, but this is the first time a fire’s been lit in the wood stove since spring.



Sunday was more productive, with pumpkin pancakes in the morning and then other horribly rural-sounding things like tractor hauling and water barrel emptying.

My mother-in-law showed me her pumpkins. Which was much less dirty than it sounds.

I KNOW. I know, there aren’t words. And those are just the ripe ones, there’s a buttload of them left out in the garden.


Still ripening.

Then we walked out back behind their house and looked at many things, including wasps’ nests.


Eeek. Thank goodness for hungry birds, they have more balls than I do to go tearing into those things.

And another one. They’re so alien-looking that they give me the heebie-jeebies.

Anyone else do anything exciting this weekend? It’s hard to top Hobby Lobby, but feel free to give it a go.

See you in a few!


4 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby, Pumpkins, and Wasp Nests

  1. Pumpkins! What does she do with all of them? My weekend? I washed windows. Yes, I do lead an exciting life. Why do you ask? However, I did go to Hobby Lobby today. Thankfully, it is just 10-minutes away.

    1. Thanks for the reminder, I keep forgetting that I need to wash windows here as well. Good times! If there was a Hobby Lobby 10 minutes from me, I would live there. Seriously. The pumpkins – a lot she gives away, some we decorate with, some are canned or frozen, and the deer get the rest!

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