Signs of Autumn

The leaves, they are turning. Slowly, but it’s happening.

I am not at all saddened by this. Homegirl is ready for fall. To be honest, I’m mostly just happy the bugs will be gone.


Fall means pumpkins and firewood and a curl of smoke from the chimney. The first frost and finally putting the garden container garden to bed.

Oooh! And wearing boots. I bought a pair of Tony Lama 3R’s in Wyoming and am looking forward to wearing them all the damn time.




But alas, autumn is not here quite yet and you all get the privilege of listening (reading?) to me kvetch about the weather some more. (97% HUMIDITY. I AM GOING TO MOLD.)

This time of year is the busiest time, everything is ready to come in from the garden, and I still haven’t thrown any firewood into the basement. (Insert a despondent wail here.) In the near future The Great Tomato Canning Adventures of 2013 will begin, and the beets need to be checked on to see if they’re ready to be pickled.

So you know, basically I’m ass-deep in Laura Ingalls stuff up in here. If I throw on a bonnet and catch a case of diphtheria, I’ll fit right in.

See you in a few for Photo Friday! (Good lord, sorry for the alliteration.)

One thought on “Signs of Autumn

  1. Believe it or not, the dogwoods in Georgia are beginning to have a little color. I noticed it today after reading your post. They are normally the earliest to change if you don't count the tulip poplars whose brown leaves have already been dropping. I don't count brown as a beautiful autumn leaf color.

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