Zucchini, Canning Beans, and Rain

So much rain lately. It’s looked like this an awful lot.

Which isn’t terrible, because I can do one of two things – 1) curl up with a book, or 2) get crap done that I’ve been meaning to do for 47 years.

I’ve been choosing the latter.

First, zucchini.

My mother-in-law is an overachiever and grew these monsters in her garden. This was one paper bag full of zucchini, and all three of my sisters-in-law took some home too. Ye gads.

The largest zucchini filled the food processor. I froze 4 quarts of shredded zucchini and still have a few left.

On Saturday, as the husband was recovering from a tooth extraction, I canned great northern beans. And because it takes 3 lifetimes to process the beans, I put new shelf paper in the kitchen drawers while the pressure canner was hissing away. 


Buying a few bags of dried beans and canning them is much cheaper than buying canned beans at the store, and much easier than trying to remember to soak dried beans for a recipe. 

New shelf paper. Pretty. And as soon as I opened a drawer for the first time after putting in the paper, it scared me because I couldn’t figure out why it looked different in there. If I had a brain I’d be dangerous.

 The pressure canner, also known as That Which Terrifies. It scares me less each time I use it.

Canning black beans is next on the docket. I’m still having trouble with the idea that it’s now August, and soon all the gardening will be finished and it will be time to throw in firewood. The endless  firewood. Halp.

See you later!

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  1. Overachiever is right! That's the biggest zucchini I've ever seen. And I'm loving the new shelf paper. Looks like pretty fabric.

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