Canning Pineapple and Making Gnocchi

This is the second full week of being home since our trip. All last week was spent 1.) Doing laundry, which I don’t understand since WE WEREN’T EVEN HERE, where did it all come from!? and 2.) Huddled under a blanket and shivering because the temperature was somehow only in the 50s.

Oh, and watching the first few seasons of ‘Mad Men.’ That too. This week things have been settling back into the old routine.

I canned pineapple. It’s easily bought in the store, but I can it at home for the same reasons I can peaches at home – it tastes better.


Three pineapples = 6 pints. Not bad.

And because that wasn’t eager-beaver enough, I made gnocchi. The other night I made baked potato skins, and there was a whole bowl of potato innards sitting in the fridge. So obviously….gnocchi.


Every time I’ve ever made these it’s been a disaster, but I never learn, so why not try it again? I froze them on a baking sheet and then popped them into a bag. If these actually manage to cook in boiling water instead of disintegrating into a mess of sadness, I’ll let you know.

There have been other things going on, a little thrifting, listing some things in the Etsy shop. Oh, and I have the urge to sew. A dress. Send Kleenex and vodka.

See you later!