Mock Orange Blossoms, Roses, and a Daring Turtle Rescue

I’m still in the same modus operandi  around here as last week. The heat and humidity have relented, so I’ve been able to get outside and work a bit without keeling over into a sweaty lump of goo. (Gross.) Which is a good thing because it’s one of my favorite times of year around here – the mock orange tree and the roses are blooming.

Technically mock oranges are shrubs, not trees. Because this one is so huge, she has gained Tree Status in the Black Spruce household. We’re experts on such things. 

There are hundreds of blossoms on the mock orange, and the scent coming off this thing is amazing. If you’ve never smelled one, just go forth and purchase yourself one, mmmkay? Plant it and rejoice.

And then there are the roses. Remember this spring when they looked like crap this?

(The mock orange is the thing inside the rock circle.)

Blooms everywhere! There is also a small patch of wild roses in the front yard that are in bloom.

I was taking pictures when I spotted this little guy hard at work. My apologies if you’re terrified of bees. 

And finally, the Daring Turtle Rescue!

I glanced out the kitchen window and saw the worst.


Swift operations commenced, and the mark was moved 4 clicks back into the woods.

Moving a turtle leaves me torn – on one hand, it’s not going to be run over. (Not today, anyway.) On the other hand, DID I MOVE IT TO THE WRONG SIDE!? What if it was waiting for weeks, getting up enough nerve to move to the other side, and I put it back where it started. Oh the horror.

See you later!

6 thoughts on “Mock Orange Blossoms, Roses, and a Daring Turtle Rescue

  1. Terrific photos! The flowers with butterflies and bees are perfect. I once lived in a house with a mock orange in the yard and also loved the blooms.And I know exactly what you mean about moving turtles out of the road. After I leave are they just going to head back across again?

  2. Oh my, LOVE your pics, as always! May I use your first bee photo in my blog post on Smidgen Nuggets about Colony Collapse Disorder? I used a stock photo on it since I posted it a few months ago, but I would give you full credit and have the photo link to your blog, Etsy site, whatever you wish…. Just think about it and let me know: smidgennuggets@gmail.com No hard feelings if you decide to say no, just asking. 😉 Anyway, love the rain and its definitely making the landscape sparkle! I do have the same feelings as you on the turtle rescues… I just wish I could rescue my poor Angelfish, Scoot-About who's been dying slowly in my tank all week. He's "died" many times before and always bounced back, but I think this may be the end… He's too big to flush, and I don't even know if I really believe in flushing (killing?) him…

  3. I grew up with the big, harmless gopher tortoises. While living in Georgia and seeing a big turtle crossing the road in the middle of traffic, I thought nothing of jumping out of my car to carry it across the road. That's when I discovered it was an alligator snapping turtle! I consider myself quite fortunate to still have all ten fingers.

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