Flowers, Humidity, Dog Baths, and Deflated Balloons

Remember all winter long when I bitched about the weather? Weellll, now I get to bitch about the heat. Lucky you!

It’s been in the 80s here lately, and a few days had around 88% humidity. Please read that again and let it sink in. It’s like living in a pot of stew. Only less tasty.

It’s too hot to knit (who wants to have yarn in their lap!?) and while I do have one DIY project going, it’s stalled at the moment until I can get some help with it.

So the last week or so has been pretty simple. Hang clothes out on the line, avoid horse flies, water the container garden, avoid deer flies, that sort of thing.

The flowers in the front yard flowerbed are blooming like crazy – petunias and pansies.

The backyard looks pretty great now that the grass is starting to grow back.

The dog received a much-needed bath. She was rather odiferous.

This is what the humidity does to my hair.


And then there’s my car.

A routine change of the plugs and wires became an ‘Oh hey, the timing belt is about to FLY OFF and DESTROY THE UNIVERSE’. Well ok, maybe not that dramatic. But the car does have a loose timing belt, which is a very bad thing. So my baby is parked until the Mr can fix it, which will hopefully happen this weekend.

I do not blame the car for any of this, of course. We’ve had it a little over a year and I blame every.single.past.owner for any problems. Because the car is pretty. And red. And shiny. And she would never break on me unless it was someone else’s fault.

I’m a little  attached to the car. 

And, bonus round! Some balloons left over from my brother-in-law’s graduation party slowly deflated and now look….well, like this:


Now I’m not going to spell out what they look like because I am a sensitive and demure lady, but holy crap. It looks like somebody castrated a bull up in there.

See you in a few!


6 thoughts on “Flowers, Humidity, Dog Baths, and Deflated Balloons

  1. Love your pics as always (and your simile in paragraph two)! I feel the need to confide in you that seven years into my own home renovation, I WISH I had a TENTH of yours and your Hubs' reno talent (indoors and out — love that fence!). My "work" always looks like my paint or tools threw up on themselves. If I could afford you, and if you were for hire, I swear to God I'd do a lil jig. Alas, keep up the good work!

    1. We're so handy because we are so CHEAP. It's a sickness. Don't feel bad, whenever I paint anything I end up with more paint on myself than on anything else. I still have oil based enamel stuck to my toenails from when I painted the living room floor. 2 months ago.

  2. I love this random collection. The flowers are so pretty and cheerful and the new fence and yard look so inviting I'd do a cartwheel across the lawn if only I could. Alas, I've never been able to cartwheel so I'd just have to roll across instead. The best picture of all is the clean dog. Even she looks relieved to smell better.I spoke to someone in Wisconsin this morning and he, too, was complaining about the humidity. Hope it improves soon.

  3. Yeah, you don't want the timing belt to break when you're driving. That happened to me, heading downhill in the valley. I was just barely able to turn into May's.

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