Marie Antoinette is My Homegirl

On the Obsession Scale of  ‘Zero to 5 Felony Charges of Stalking’, I probably clock in at a 9.2 when it comes to Marie Antoinette. Why?

1. I am a product of the ’80s and wish my hair were big enough to wear a boat in. A BOAT.


2.  The clothes. Obvi.



3. She never said ‘Let them eat cake.’
4. She endured a strange marriage, a ruthless propaganda machine, the execution of her husband, her children being taken away, and still was able to stop and apologize to a guard for stepping on his foot as she made her way up the stairs to the guillotine.
5. The movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ is well, pretty horrible not great, but the CLOTHES. And the SHOES. And the HAIR. AND IT WAS FILMED AT VERSAILLES. Eye candy abounds.
So those are my Top 5 reasons. I’m sure I could think of more. (PANNIERS!)Anyway. To commemorate my adoration of this chicky, this necklace is now available in the shop.


I also own this necklace. It’s available on Etsy


And here is my ‘everything you need to know and some stuff you didn’t’ book recommendation concerning La Antoinette. It’s Marie Antoinette: The Journey  by Antonia Fraser.


Someday, I shall own one of those ginormous dresses (with panniers!) that you can buy on Etsy. For 1k. SOMEDAY! Really, it’s a bargain, because I could wear it on Halloween every year for the rest of my life. And that would work out to…being very affordable. Probably.

See you later!

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  1. Nice article. The painting of MA in blue dress however is not her coronation gown. No painting was done of MA in the gown she wore to Louis XVI's coronation.

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