The 3-Hour Sweater (1930s Knitting Pattern)

Have you heard of the 1930s knitting pattern called the 3-Hour Sweater? (Only if you are into knitting, I imagine.)

For my first real knitting project, I’m attempting the 3 hour sweater. It’s a pattern from the 30s, and is (supposedly) pretty easy. From what I’ve read about said pattern, you will only be able to knit it in 3 hours if you have meth-fueled knitting needles of fury. I’m assuming they called it the ‘3 Hour Sweater’ to sell more patterns, not because it can actually be done that quickly.

And the other issue – it’s a size 16. A 1930s size 16, which in today’s sizes is somewhere in the neighborhood of an 8. I waved bye-bye to size 8 clothing long ago, so I am knitting this with larger needles to size it up a bit.
My progress so far:


That’s just the ribbing, and a few rows of the body of the sweater. After taking that picture I watched “Beetlejuice” and added about 4 more inches to the body.

Hopefully I’ll get this finished while it’s still cold outside, but I wouldn’t put money on that.

See you in a few days!

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    1. Hi Georgia! If you click on the 'Get Your Craft On' button above and scroll down to the Sewing and Knitting section, you'll see a link called Knitting: The 1930s "3-Hour Sweater," Finished. There is the finished project, and a link to my pattern notes on Ravelry.

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