Unfortunately, This is Typical

We only wanted to hang a punching bag.

First, we had to find a place to hang it in the garage. No big, except a truck was in the way. And it’s not really a truck, it’s a truck frame. With a cab on it. So we pushed that outside.

But then the ginormous bench that’s holding the truck box is in the wrong spot. So that had to be jacked up and pushed over.

And then the truck frame is outside, and it’s starting to rain, so we better get that moved. Except we can’t push it uphill, so we need the tractor.


But it won’t start. The battery needs a jump. No big. Except that it dies halfway down the driveway. Because it’s out of diesel, even though it had 5 gallons in it. Which means that not only does it hemorrhage oil (which we knew) now it also leaks fuel. New development, there.

The Mr. drove to the gas station, got the diesel, got back, and attempted to fill the tank but oh hey! There’s a wasp nest in the engine. Spray that, fill it up, jump the battery, and bingo! We’re finally running!

Hook the truck up to the tractor and pull the truck up the hill (I was in charge of steering. Go me.) and then unhook it, turn the wheels the right direction, and push it back inside the garage.

Except that we couldn’t get it over the lip of the concrete slab leading into the garage, so we had to use the tractor to shove it in.

1.5 hours after we began, we hung the punching bag!
Please tell me that we’re not the only people this sort of thing happens to a on a regular basis.

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