‘The Modern Family Cook Book’ by Meta Given

The Modern Family Cook Book by Meta Given was originally published in 1942. I found this revised edition, from 1961, in Goodwill.


Love. Ignore my post-its sticking out all over.

We’ve all heard about menu planning, and how important it is, right?


Yeah. For every month out of the year, a week’s worth of menus. 1961, yo.

The recipes run the gamut from from old fashioned (how to make coffee with an egg, pork scrapple) to stuff that just plain sounds delicious, like blackberry cobbler or stewed chicken and dumplings.


The book doesn’t just have recipes, but is loaded with tips – everything from nutritional values to freezing and storing food. And it was definitely published with a certain audience in mind…


I plan on making a few of the dishes from this cookbook, and sharing some of the tips. I bought this book to sell in the Etsy shop, but I don’t think I can let it go!


4 thoughts on “‘The Modern Family Cook Book’ by Meta Given

  1. I've been collecting vintage cookbooks for years. They're a wonderful glimpse into family life from years gone by. My favorites are from the 1950s. I also enjoy one from the 40s with discussion of how to prepare food/cook when you can't buy all the ingredients (rationing during the war). Remembering how people once got by without 24 hour supermarkets and the supercenters, is helpful when living a frugal life by choice. I ask myself, "how would my grandmother have made this without buttermilk, or baking powder, or whatever?" The answer is in the rich heritage of generations ago.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Vintage cookbooks are something I've only recently developed an interest in, and I agree that they are fascinating. 'The Modern Family Cook Book' even has instructions on how to butcher your own chickens. Definitely won't find that in most cookbooks today!

  2. For a funnier take on old cookbooks, look up "The Gallery of Regrettable Food". I got the coffee-table book version as a gift and laughed my butt off.

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