Butterick B4386

Well, I got back in the saddle. After my complete failure with a vintage Vogue pattern, I picked up some Butterick patterns when they were on sale. This one, Butterick B4386, is a modern pattern, but is very reminiscent of ’60s sheath dresses.

This pattern was rated ‘very easy’. In my mind, ‘very easy’ might as well be called ‘moron’. As in, if you can’t even manage this, you’re a moron. Buy retail.

I am pleased to report that this pattern was indeed very easy. The interfacing screwed me up royally, but that’s all. I shall attempt it again at some point, now that I have tackled the Dread Monster that is interfacing. This particular pattern is called a ‘Six Sew’, meaning there are 6 variations to choose from, all based on the same basic dress. I made dress D, a sleeveless sheath dress with pockets.


Nearly falling off a tire. Yes, barefoot, because I’ll be honest here – 98.7% of the time, winter or summer, homegirl don’t wear no shoes. Unless I’m leaving the house. Because fine establishments tend to frown upon bare feet.


Dress – Butterick pattern B4386, dress D

Belt – thrifted