Vogue V8788

Some of you eagle-eyed readers might notice something missing from my attempt at the sewing pattern Vogue V8788. Something like, oh I don’t know, A MISSING BODICE.


I am 100% willing to acknowledge that a lot of the trouble I had with this pattern was good old Operator Failure and inexperience. That, and I think I cut the bodice a size too large – it gaped and fit oddly all over. After a few hours of fiddling with it to try and fix the fit issues, the bodice looked like a pincushion. So I said to hell with it and cut the damn thing off.

I had just enough fabric leftover from this Massive Failure to make a waistband. Waistband + hooks and eyes and I had me a wrap skirt.

The good thing is that I really like this skirt. I don’t know if I’ll attempt the dress again in its entirety, but I definitely plan on using the skirt pattern pieces to whip up a few more of these in the future.

The fabric, hooks and eyes, and thread for the dress cost $11.40. Because I only used a portion of the hooks/eyes and fabric, the total cost of this skirt comes in under $10.00.

Note For the Curious – the fabric is a slightly stretchy cotton that was on a clearance rack at Wal Mart for $1.50 a yard. Snap.

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  1. Great save on converting your dress to a skirt. Plus, your Easter outfit looked so pretty.

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