Polyester Shirts and Bad Old Lady Jokes

Everyone seems to like this shirt. I like it because I didn’t have to perform a shoulder-pad-dectomy (also known as shoulder pad removal for those that aren’t dorks) on it. And it’s polyester, which I love. I think my past life was in the 70s. Bring on the patchouli and the Creedence.

I like this blouse even though it collects static electricity the way old ladies collect cats.

I’ve been wearing it just tucked into a pair of jeans. In the photo above, I was not only rockin’ a side pony, but also wearing a necklace my grandmother gave me many moons ago.

This blouse also has shoulder…puffs? I have no idea what you call them. But it’s a puff. And it’s on the shoulder. Shoulder puffs. No clue what it’s called, but I like it anyway.

Blouse – thrifted

Necklace – gifted

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