Winter Shopping Outfit (Wool + Turtleneck = Good)

Story time! Once upon a time there was fair lady named Beth. Beth loved to clean, un-clutter, chuck, throw out, and otherwise dispose of things around her home. One day, she decided to clean her closet. This was a great idea! Until she realized she donated the MAJORITY of her clothing to Goodwill, leaving very little for herself to wear.

The End.

Cut to a few weeks before the holidays, and the Mr took pity on me and we went on a little thrift/antique store trip. The Shopping Fairy must have been smiling on me that day, because I managed to nab several vintage blouses, still-in-the-package stockings, and a wool skirt.


I wore my new (well, new to me) skirt on a shopping trip. Okay, so this was just a pre-holiday ‘holy crap we forgot the ham for the pickle roll-up-thingies we need to go the grocery store’ trip, not some fantastic shopping excursion. But still.

And really, when you live in the middle of nowhere, and your town is so tiny and insignificant that it doesn’t even have its own grocery store, anytime you leave the house it qualifies as a ‘trip.’

Tall boots (not pictured, of course) rounded out the ensemble. Because I live in the land of cold. And there’s no way I’m leaving the house in 20 degree F weather with bare legs.


And, AND, (I know, the mind boggles that there could be more!) I have bangs. A fringe. For the first time since the 5th grade.


That’s me. Giving you the hairy eyeball.


Turtleneck – uh…no clue. Hand me down from my Mom, that’s all I got.

Wool skirt – thrifted

Belt – hand me down from my mother-in-law