$3.00 Holiday Centerpieces


These cost me a grand total of $3.00 to make. Word.

If you would like to make them, or something similar, read on!

First, get thee to a dollar store. I tend to shop at Dollar Tree.

Find these, or the equivalent thereof. I liked these because they look like itty bitty cranberries. (You can use whatever you find – Spanish moss, river rocks, fake snow; hell, you can use whole coffee beans if you like.)


Grab some glass jars or vases. These are two pint canning jars that I pilfered from my own stock of them. There’s no need to purchase jars or vases – use whatever you have. Spaghetti sauce jars would work, even.


Fill the jars halfway with the berries. Now – let’s not do what I did, shall we? I spilled them everywhere. They’re made of foam, so the little bastards rolled all over the place before I could round them back up.


Scout sensed a disturbance in the force, and came looking for stray berries.




Now, you’ll also need two branches of some variety. Green, gold, silver, freshly snipped from a tree, whatever.

I didn’t like the leaves, so I ripped those off. And then I ripped the branches into smaller pieces so they would fit into the jars better.

Et voilà! Not perfect, I think the branches could use a bit more height, but not bad.
And if you have any Foam Berries From Satan left over, you can do this:


I put the rest of the berries into a large vase and put two pieces of fake greenery in there. (Note – the greenery is not from a dollar store, but a liquidation store; and were $3.99 each.) I had a few little branches left over from the other jars, so I secured those to the greenery to add a bit of color.

So there you have it – easy peasy, and frugal to boot.

Have fun!