This kaftan was the last thing I sewed a few weeks ago when I was attempting to downsize my fabric stash. While I made a valiant effort, alas, my stash is still…stashy. Huge-a-mongo. But progress is progress.

I have no idea what sort of fabric this is. I bought it at a rummage sale, along with a set of curtains made from the exact same fabric. So yeah. When I wear this I blend in with my curtains. If an axe murderer ever breaks into my house and makes it past the Evil Hound Guard Dog then I will at least be able to camouflage myself into the drapery.


Anyway, the tutorial comes from the lovely Adey at The Sew Convert. She calls it the 1-Hour kaftan tutorial, and she’s not kidding. Most people could bust this thing out in about an hour. I, supremely challenged when it comes to ye olde needle and thread, took considerably longer. Even though the tutorial has photos and clear, precise descriptions, I still managed to sew it the long way first. Like it was a frigging hot dog bun or something. *Facepalm.*

But once I ripped out those stitches, hoo boy was I in business!


Even though the weather has been too hot lately to wear the kaftan, I imagine it will see a lot of use this fall. It really is a flattering design that looks good on anyone, and I plan on making a few more of these in the future. Except I won’t use the same fabric as my curtains next time.

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