Victory Garden

Every year I plant a garden. Do you garden?

I’m a terrifically lazy gardener. Watering I can handle. Weeding…yeah. Not my favorite thing. Last year I didn’t trellis my tomatoes. The slugs ate more tomatoes than I did. Fertilize? No. Spray for bugs? Yeah right. Mulch? Never gonna happen.

As we roll now into mid-August, everything in my garden is finally starting to produce. If you think you don’t have room to garden, always remember that you can have a container garden. Or do what I do and try a square foot garden.

I come from the land of the ice and snow, so the gardening really doesn’t kick into high gear until oh, about now. From now until late September I’ll be harvesting, canning, and freezing on a weekly basis.

Corn! This picture was taken a week or two ago, so now I have actual ears of corn out there.

Sugar snap peas…yeah. Wow. I ended up with more snap peas than I could have imagined and I am now thoroughly tired of dealing with them. Begone, scurvy peas. While I am enormously grateful for you, please go away now.


This is my first year growing cucumbers. Next week I’ll show you what I did to them. (<— Insert evil laugh.)


Beet greens! If I were one of those really healthy people, I’d talk about how good beet greens are. But I totally don’t eat them. I pickle the beets. With lots of sugar. Sweet pickled beets = divine ambrosia. No lie.


The lavender and St. John’s wort are flowering.

I forgot to take pictures of the tomatoes. They’re big. And trellised this year. And they’re flowering. Take my word for it. In a few days I’ll be able to have fried green tomatoes, something I am looking forward to with an indecent amount of anticipation.


The Mr. thinks they look like Bonnie and Clyde in this picture. Since they’re both girls, they technically would be Bonnie and Bonnie, but that just conjures up weird images and I’m going to stop right there.

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